British Toxicology Society 15-17 April 2019

The British Toxicology Society (BTS) are hosting their Annual Congress at Robinsons College, Cambridge in April 2019. This year it is being held jointly with the United Kingdom Environmental Mutagen Society (UKEMS). The programme features lectures, symposiums, poster sessions and a trade exhibition.

Plenary Speaker – Impact of Artificial Intelligence in Understanding Toxicological Insights – Dr Stefan Platz (AstraZeneca)
BTS Barnes Prize Lecture – Toxicology concepts from applied and fundamental studies of iron and  haem biology – Professor Andy Smith (MRC Toxicology Unit)
ASCEPT Invitation Lecture – Transplantation, transporters, genetics and immunosuppressant nephrotoxicity”? – Dr Benedetta Sallustio (Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Adelaide)

Continuing Education Programme (CEP) – Genotoxicity Testing in the 21st Century – Paradigm Shift!
Symposium 1 – Use of New Approach Methodologies in Regulatory Sciences
Symposium 2 – Developmental Toxicology: New Paradigms (MHRA supported session)
Symposium 3 – MRC ITTP Biannual Symposium
Symposium 4 – New paradigms of genotoxicity safety evaluation for risk assessment
Symposium 5 – Cambridge Alliance on Medicines Safety (CAMS)
Symposium 6 – Mutational Signatures and DNA Repair
Symposium 7 – Alternative Approaches to Toxicology: What Is the Current View on the Future of Animal Testing (IVTS session)
Symposium 8 – Oncology Combinations & DNA Damage Response
Symposium 9 – Justification for Species Selection for Pharmaceutical Toxicity Studies (NC3Rs session)
Symposium 10 – Health Impacts of Pollution