27 March 2019 | Brussels (Belgium)

On March 27th 2019, NanoInformaTIX participated to the Nanotechnology Industries Association (NIA) Annual Symposium in Bruxelles: https://www.nanotechia.org/events/nias-8th-annual-symposium

The event was participated by 50 delegates spanning from industrial producers of nanomaterials, expert service providers, end-users, policy makers and regulators met at NIA’s 8th Annual Symposium

The day of presentations, discussion and networking also included a ‘Projects Corner’, where NanoInformaTIX was presented together with more than 20 innovation and safety projects within the nano community.

The concept of NanoInformaTIX was explained to participants representing the following knowledge areas:

  • Nanotechnology in Industry 4.0. How the nanoscale is changing products, processes and business across sectors.
  • Adding nano-value to products – making it happen. We explore how nanomaterials add value into a product and how NM producers can understand and support customers for successful uptake.
  • Global regulatory and standards update. Latest news and looking into future trends and priorities across sectors and countries.
  • Regulatory priorities. Discussion-driven session around topics core to regulatory compliance, with a focus on nanoforms in REACH as a core topic.
  • What goes around – managing nano waste. Understanding where nano waste is generated through production and use and how it can be managed, including regulatory issues.

The NanoInformaTIX concept was introduced to the attendees and it was welcome also in view of on-going initiatives in the same area, that will bring to future collaborations. Even if the project just started and there are still no tangible results to show, anyway the interest raised by NanoInformaTIX was high.